Martina Jade

Martina Jade


Martina //

The Martina dress is a sleeveless shift dress with pockets.

Details : Curved neckline, lower neckline on back. Vertical seam detail on dress front. Shorter curved hem on front.

Fabric : 100% Tencel

Fabric Description : Tencel is an environmentally friendly fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose fibers. 

Care Instructions : Hand wash in cold water with a gentle detergent. Hang to dry. Tencel will shrink about 3% with the first washing, and will resist shrinking from then on. If you must touch up the garment with an iron, use a warm iron only. Too much direct heat may scorch the fabric.


Small : Chest 34" / Hips 40" 

Medium : Chest 37" / Hips 43" 

Large : Chest 40" /  Hips 46" 


Made in South Florida by a team of talented women



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