Xiokat (zee-o-cat)  is a design brand and studio consisting of clothing, leather and lifestyle goods. We are based in South Florida and produce our pieces locally. 

Our clothing collections builds on basics, using simple silhouettes and elevating them with unique modern details. We believe comfort ensues confidence. Our goal is to design clothing that feels  like a second skin.




Katherine Munoz, Creative Director

As Creative Director, Katherine is the lead designer, pattern maker and creator of the Xiokat line. She has been creating with fabrics since a young age. From her mom, who loved to make the sisters matching outfits when they were young, Katherine picked up sewing and stitching early on. Her interest in style and creating her own clothes led her to pursue a degree in Fashion Design. Upon graduating, Katty worked at a uniform design company which showed her how to work with basic silhouettes and cuts to flatter various body types. While working in the industry, she began her clothing line using deadstock fabric and repurposing pieces picked up at vintage and thrift stores. Honing in on her love for silhouettes that worked for various activities without effort, she began her collection which evolved into the current line. Her style is elegant and feminine with emphasize on comfort.


Xio Munoz Greif, Brand Curator

As Brand Curator, Xio combines her love of photography, design and writing to build and share the brand’s story. As a child, Xio was always sketching out furniture layouts and drawing houses in section. Her interest in spaces and how we experience them led her to pursue a degree in Architecture. After a few years of working in the industry, Xio decided to join her sister in creating the Xiokat brand. As a designer, clothing represented another means of self expression. Being drawn to simple forms and functionality, Xio inputs this design aesthetic to the Xiokat line.  


Creating and crafting was something the sisters were exposed to since they were young, so it was inevitable that they would come together to build a business that allowed them to bring their passions and skills together to design objects they love.


Community + Collaborations

Xiokat loves collaborating with designers that share a similar vision & aesthetic . If you have  an idea or project in mind, contact us at hello@xiokat.com so we can chat.

We also enjoy participating in local events, supporting our community and making new friends. Send us a message or find us on social media for upcoming events.