On defining our why...


Welcome to our new site. We spent the last few months working on the new line and also on little rebrand with the help from the Gather and Seek team. There are still tweaks to be made but we’re excited to be back in this space.

Recently one of our favorite designers posed an important question - why does your business exist?

We figured this would be a good place to start (or restart) our postings. While we find it a little difficult to answer in a simple statement, when we look back out our history and look forward at our future, we know that we have always been creators. Makers. Doers. Always learning and growing. With the desire to do better. Be better.

Our business exists because we believe clothing should be simple, comfortable and consciously made. Comfortable and versatile with an understated elegance, allowing you to move from one activity to the next without needing a wardrobe change. We believe in a closet  full of essentials that are worn and loved. We believe that clothing should be an expression of your truest self and feel like a second skin.

The inspiration for our pieces comes from many sources but mainly,  we design what we want to wear ourselves. We build on basic silhouettes and elevate them with minimal details giving each piece a unique, one of a kind look. Our line is always evolving as we continue to learn, grow and evolve ourselves. We love to explore and experiment with new techniques and materials, always with the end user in mind. We are constantly inspired by the world around us and strive to provide a product we love and believe will be cherished for years to come.

In an era of minimalism, capsule wardrobes and slow fashion, we believe that as makers and as consumers we can create a change and reinstate value in the objects we use and the clothes we wear. We hope to continue sharing our journey with you.

Xio Kat