Our 2017 One Little Word

We normally share our  business goals or plans early in the year but this year we decided to wait a bit before sharing them on the blog. We wanted to allow a little time to pass in order to soak them in and make sure they felt right, not to mention, these first two months have flown by! The last few years we’ve been using the concept of One Little Word instead of making a list of resolutions. I was introduced to this through the scrapbooking community, which you can read more about this here, but basically you choose a word to guide you throughout the year. Kind of like an intention. Personally, we have come to prefer this, as a word is easier to remember then the long list written up on New Years Day. It takes time and reflection to come up with a word that can define your year, but we have found that often, if you pay attention, your word will come to you. We wanted to share our words with you, why we chose them and how they are guiding our goals personally and with Xiokat.

Xio’s Word : Connect

Last year my word was Be, as in being. I chose that word to remind me to be in the moment. I was navigating a whole new world with motherhood, plus going back to work, and I needed to focus on taking on each day one at a time. I was exhausted but inspired by this new role and wanted to remember the small things, put aside all the to dos and enjoy being. I didn't always accomplish this idealistic state, but having my word was important when I felt overwhelmed and like nothing I set out to do was getting done. Everyone told me that the first months go by fast, which they did and I am glad I had this constant reminder to pause and take notice. Towards the fall, I began to feel the fog lifting and I suddenly had the desire to connect (or reconnect) in many parts of my life. Connect to my creativity, my body, my faith, my community and basically to reconnect to my core, Authentic Self. Connection is so important, especially as a creative person. Making space to create, practicing yoga and meditation, and getting more involved in the maker community are some of the ways my word has been guiding me to act. It has also led me to realize there are things in my life I may not connect with anymore, which means letting go of these things and opportunities that do not align with what I want and need in the present moment. With Xiokat, I am looking to can connect with our product by making conscious choices in the materials we use and the designs we create. We have also joined an amazing community of makers in West Palm Beach (check out Elizabeth Avenue Station!). Sharing a space and supporting each other's projects has been so inspiring! 

Kat’s One Little Word : Balance

The last couple of months have been a roller coaster ride. I had been feeling overextended and wasn't starting or finishing anything I was set out to do. When I did complete something, I wasn't happy with it. It was just to be done. I couldn’t  focus on one thing, without my mind going to the next item I needed to complete. I am sure everyone goes through this at some point and I did my best to keep going as I could. Being in constant work mode felt normal and I was focused on pushing Xiokat forward while starting a new position at my day job. My personal life slowed down and while I tried to keep up with friends and family and still have time for myself, it was not enough. Then, as tends to happen, my body gave me a signal. My health took a turn and put a whole new spin on my already full plate, making me realize I needed to slow down. People say that in life you need balance. Too much or too little of anything is never good. I have always agreed but didn’t realize until now how important it is to your health, mind, body and soul. Focusing on this word is reminding me to make the changes to my lifestyle I need in order to create more balance in my life.

We hope to share our progress in how we are bringing connection and balance into our lives. We're also excited to start sharing different perspectives on the blog and hope to bring the stories of other makers and creatives to you. Its been something we've been wanting to do for over a year now and we are getting closer to making it happen. At times, running a business, creating for it and for the love of it, plus having a full time job and keeping up with your household may seem like there is never enough time. But we are choosing to not focus on what we're not getting done and do what we can, as little as it may be. Hope you are inspired to do the same. 

Photos // Andrea Tello (Yaah Productions)

Xio is wearing the Martina Dress in Navy and Katty is wearing a new Tunic top coming to the shop this summer.

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