Why a Dress?

For some time, we have been wanting to find a cause that connects with our brand and, more importantly, connects with us. There are many issues we care about and causes we believe in, but lately we've been particularly drawn to the mission of the Dressember Foundation, in part because as makers of clothing and accessories for women, we are inspired by women as creators, explorers, nurturers, seekers; building and designing the life they desire. For this simple statement to be true, freedom must exist and while many of us are blessed with this opportunity, there are many trapped in a world that is too dark to imagine. 

- Slavery exists in every city around the world.

- More than 30 million people are currently enslaved worldwide.

- Human trafficking generates about $150 billion a year.

- About 2 million children are currently exploited in the global commercial sex trade.

Source : Dressember

While reading the statistics above can make anyone feel helpless, one woman took a simple style challenge and turned it into a movement to help generate awareness and raise money to aid organizations that are saving lives. Dressember works with partners to bring relief, restoration and resources to rescued victims. As an advocate for Dressember, we'll be participating in their December campaign to raise money and awareness for the fight against global human trafficking and slavery. 

Please visit our fundraising page and consider making a donation. Any small amount will help us reach our goal of raising $1000. We will be donating 10% from all our items purchased in our shop now through December 31. We will also be wearing a dress every day for the month of December, as part of the original style challenge that led to the start of this organization. We will be sharing this on our site as well as any information we learn along the way. 

Join us and visit our Campaign Page

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Image Photographer : Kayla Mendez

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