A space of our own....

Its so hard to believe we are already in August. Our last post was from before Christmas, and while we didn’t intend to take a long break from the blog, it was much needed. Besides the arrival of Roo to our family, our life got pretty busy with the transition and with each of us working full time jobs. We kept working on our clothing, adding the Elsa top to the shop a few months ago, plus a few collaborations here and there. We participated in pop up shows at Urban Outfitters and local markets. We worked on being more active on Instagram, our favorite form of social media. And while we tried to start blogging each month, we struggled with whether or not we should even continue having this space. 

When we think of the original blogs (or when we discovered them in 2006), we realize what we loved the most about them was getting a peek into someone's world, whether it be their home or workspace or creative process. We loved the simple diary style of the writing and the real, unstyled photos. While there is nothing wrong with styled posts, we miss the simplicity and non scheduled form of journaling, no pressure to keep up, just sharing when needed or desired. So we began to rethink how we approached this space. We like the idea that this can be a place where we can share our journey of building a sustainable clothing brand, slowly and on our own terms. We want to document our story, as we live it, as much for ourselves as for our customers, friends and anyone starting their own creative business. We want to have a space for conversation, where we can share our struggles and achievements, what we are learning and what we are trying to figure out. Its also nice to have something to look back on ourselves to see how far we have come. 

So we are going to give this another shot. While we don't plan on keeping a schedule, it still felt important to have a guide of sorts in order to create the routine of posting somewhat consistently. When we found ourselves wondering what type of content to share, I happen to look at the postcard on my wall with our mission statement. As we read through those words we wrote 2+ years ago, we realized that the answer lied within those lines. 

We believe in simple living and finding beauty in the everyday.

We are inspired by the places we go and the people we meet. 

We seek unique products and celebrate the creative spirit of independent makers.

We create quality, one of making pieces, with our own hands, in our South Florida based studio. 

And we still feel the same way. We hope to share more of our creative process and journey as well as introduce you to the makers, designers and artists we that we have met along the way. We plan to share more of our travels, near and far. And basically any thoughts, ideas and inspiration that we may feel we'd like to share with you. We hope you find a little something of value in this space.

InspirationXio Kat