Postcards : Mexico City

I took a last minute trip to Mexico City this past weekend and this city never ceases to amaze me. Though Mexico may be known to be a dangerous place to visit right now, I saw many tourists - Americans, Europeans, South Americans - people from all over the world walking on the streets. As in any foreign city, you should always be aware of your surroundings, but this should not stop you from visiting this beautiful city. Its people, the colors, the architecture, the music - every little corner is full of life and worth discovering! 

It was a short four day trip, but we got to see a little more then the last time I was here. My last visit was earlier this year, but I was ready to be back. For starters, the food. I was so excited to come back just for their delicious cuisine. YUMMY!!!  I looked forward to waking up to chilaquiles every morning. Everything has so much flavor and though I normally don't eat spicy foods, I had to try it all. Keep in mind that when they say it's not spicy, it will still have a strong kick!

I always recommend the Mercado Roma to anyone visiting Mexico City. It's a delicious gourmet market filled with all types of food, drinks, gifts, books and more. Go with an empty stomach since you will want to try everything! In the center there are long communal tables for people to sit, eat and mingle. There is also a beautiful plant filled wall that gives a fresh feel to space.  

Xochimilco is a little town about an hour away from Mexico City but can feel like more since there is always traffic. Here you will find colorful gondola-like rides called Trajineras that take you down the canals for about an hour or so. There may be some tourists but mostly you will find the locals enjoying a nice picnic and spending time with friends and family. These rides are so much fun! There are also smaller boats that ride around selling food, drinks, speakers, and other miscellaneous items. The best part are the Trajineras filled with mariachis that come by and serenade you, dance with you, sing and join in your party. This time of the year is pretty cold and gloomy so it wasn't as packed as it was last time I was there, which was a different experience. It can turn into a game of bumper boats where you have to keep yourself steady and make sure your drink doesn't spill over! 

Mexico_Nov 2016-37.jpg

The Corredor Salamanca is another great gourmet market to visit. Downstairs is full of delicious mini restaurants to choose from and upstairs is the bar with music, a lounge area and ping pong tables. It's a great place to have dinner and drinks with friends. We had such a good time and there is still so much more to see and discover. I am already looking forward to my next visit!

Xio Kat