Growing Slowly

We recently shared a peek on Instagram of some of the clothing pieces we have been working on. During a recent trip to Puerto Rico, visiting one of our dear friends, we took advantage of the beautiful scenery (and our friend’s amazing photography skills) to shoot a couple of lifestyle photos of Kat wearing these pieces. We love how these shots turned out and really excited to grow and share this collection.

Designing clothes has always been at the root of why we started our brand, creating pieces that we want to wear ourselves. When we started, we focused on small goods like hair accessories and jewelry, which we sold at local markets and craft shows. We expanded to leather goods and a few wearable pieces, in order to build our brand and market ourselves locally and online. We wanted to make sure our brand represented our aesthetic and we took our time developing it. This year, our focus has been to put together a collection of wearable pieces, ready to finally step into this arena, and share our voice and vision.

It’s so easy to feel pressure or get discouraged when growing a business slowly, especially seeing more and more brands pop up. For one, we are self invested, which means we need income to invest in our business. Which means we work full time / part time and grow our business on the side. Sometimes it feels like everyone has quit their day job and are putting in all their energy and time into their business. We know that it’s probably not the reality, and we often have to remind ourselves that we are doing our best with the resources we have. While it may feel like we are moving slow, we know that we are curating a beautiful brand that we are proud of.  And letting go of these preconceived notions has allowed our creativity to flourish.

We made a few business decisions that has alleviated that pressure and allowed us to enjoy this process more. We recently met a local seamstress that we believe can help us deliver the quantities we want to offer our customers  and more importantly, the quality. Working in collaboration with a talented local maker allows us to focus on crafting and detailing each beautiful piece. We also decided to let go of the pressure of seasonal collections and bring out each piece as we feel it’s ready, building on a collection of timeless pieces. Hopefully one day we can work full time on our line and have a team dedicated to the brand. For now, we are thrilled to be able to pursue what we love in any way we can.

We are working on updating our website and shop, just in time for the holidays. We know the next few weeks will be extremely full - creating a collection, working full time and shifts in routine with a baby joining our family real soon. So many things are filling our minds, we can only take it one day at a time.

Xio Kat