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Our Happy Closet / packing for mexico

Xio Kat

Ever since we went through the process of editing down our wardrobe and only buying pieces that work in our closet and we love, I have felt a sense of ease when getting dressed or when preparing for an event, such as traveling. As you are reading this, we are in Tulum on our honeymoon. When I set to pack, I went to my closet and just grabbed a few pieces that I felt were perfect for a beach vacation, plus a couple of my favorite basics. Without putting too much thought into it, I piled my selections on my bed. I then realized I had a palette - black, white and coral, a mix of solids and patterns. I had picked my clothes in less than 10 minutes. I didn't even try anything on, since I knew that everything I have in my closet fits, nor did I feel the need to shop like I used to before a trip. I was content with my selections and put it in my luggage. Packing had never been easier or stress free!