Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Summer has flown by and we are officially in the month of the Big Day! We are so busy with prop making and putting the finishing touches on the dresses, plus hosting events and welcoming family arriving for the celebration. We both really can't wait for the day to come, so we can dance the night away and put all this planning behind us.

In the meantime, and in an attempt to not disappear from the blog completely, we wanted to share some links we've been loving lately.

1// We're always inspired by creative studios and workspaces. This space, where Sea Chant, the duo behind the Kinfolk videos and more, creates does not disappoint. / Photographed by Berta Pfirsich.

2// We've been obsessed with Caroline's blog lately, as mentioned here. Having started a major closet and wardrobe redo with our Our Happy Closet series, we were in need of a little inspiration. Caroline focuses on personal style and minimalism, two concepts that resonate with our goal for this project. We also believe that effortless style, uniqueness and simplicity is one of the driving forces behind the Xiokat line, so we wanted to dig deep into that. After all, this is what led us to start our company. / Photo from Unfancy

3// Another inspiration for us is Lisa Hackwith. Her brand and what she's accomplished in the last year alone is such a motivator for us, and we are loving the collaborations she has added to her studio. When we came across her last year, we were drawn to the fact that she made everything herself and in small series, something we wanted to do in order to keep our studio manageable as we grow. / Photographed by James Fitzgerald III for Made by Sohn's blog, showing her print for Hackwith Design House - Makers Alongside.

Credit // Links We Love Lately images as noted. Written by Xio for Xiokat.

Xio Kat