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A few weeks ago we took our kimonos to the beach to shoot a few photos for our lookbook and social media pages. We had so much fun playing with the looks and even tried a couple of abstract shots that ended up becoming part of our gallery installation last week. I know it sounds biased, but we really do love our kimonos. The colors we chose work so beautifully with our beach background and the soft fabric is ideal for wearing casually, as a bathing suit cover up or even over a dress for a night out.

We approached our clothing line with the intention that more than designing a product, we are designing a piece that we want to own and wear ourselves. A piece that is versatile and can be worn through your day to day activities. Comfortable yet elegant. Trendy yet classic. We can see the kimono being part of our happy closet for seasons to come, which makes it a perfect add on piece to any basic wardrobe. 


Besides the green and blush fabrics, we picked a fun Hawaiian print for a limited edition version. This one is our favorite for a day at the beach (or pool). All three are now available in our shop

Image Credits : Photos by Xio for Xiokat

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