Happy 2015

We love a new year as it inspires you to reflect and encourages a fresh start. Its a clean slate to begin anew, full of ideas and plans for the year to come. Last year ended quite well, with the launch of our latest collection of leather goods, holiday sales and market shows to share our shop and brand. Then we enjoyed a simple and quiet Christmas and caught up with much needed rest. Towards the end of our holiday break, we got together to talk about our plans and desires for Xiokat in 2015. Though we are halfway through January, we wanted to share and document our thoughts on here...

Brand and Studio - Continue to improve and grow our brand. We have a continous to do list that involves legal, admin stuff but also a lot of fun stuff too. Like returning to the beginnings of the business and designing a clothing line as well as a travel print series. We are also going to start expanding the shop, by bringing in designers we admire and whose work we love and wear ourselves. The first independent (and somewhat local) designer to be in the shop will be Laite Atelier, a minimalist, handmade jewelry line out of Tampa, Florida. I fell in love with her line and even wore her tulip earrings on my wedding day! Our dream is to build a shop full of designers and products we love and want to support and share, as well as our own creations.

Collaborations and Community - Last year we started on a project with a local creative that we hope to share in the upcoming months. We’d like to do more as time allows, and also collaborate with other designers and makers on unique pieces for our shop. We also made it a goal this year to have more social presence, both online as well as locally, by being more involved with the community and taking part in market shows. We signed up to attend the Maker’s Summit this year and are excited to meet other creatives and share experiences and advice. 

Personal - Though we each have our own list of personal goals and intentions for 2015, we both plan and hope to travel more this year. We are both consistently inspired by our travels and look for these trips to refuel our creative energy. We also hope to return our Happy Closet series, a blog series in which we worked through editing our wardrobe and closet. Though we continued doing this through the end of 2014 and made progress, we stopped sharing it on here and we’d like to start it again. We want to return to this blog and share more of ourselves and our journey.

These are some of the things we are looking forward to in 2015. And while new goals, opportunities and projects may arise, our main desire is to feel good while we are doing it and build the studio and shop doing what we love. Stop by our site and sign up for our newsletter, which will be sent out quarterly (no crazy spamming!) and will include some lifestyle thoughts as well as peeks into our work in progress. In the meantime, hope 2015 is off to amazing start for you! We have a feeling this year is going to be a good one!

Xio Kat