CURRENTLY / September

- XIO -

Feeling / a mix of emotions! Between planning for the baby's arrival, working on xiokat's next collection pieces, and wrapping up projects at work before my time off - it can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time!

Reading / Z : A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, which I just finished & enjoyed (plus needed a break from the baby books!)

Craving / vanilla ice cream + fresh fruit every day. 

Working / on the nursery. Its been a slow start but we finally painted the walls, picked up the most necessary furniture items, and are now slowly bringing in the essentials. 

Enjoying / the feeling of my little girl moving in my belly. It really is a magical feeling!

Celebrating / my 1 year anniversary. Hard to believe its already been a year!

Practicing / handlettering in my traveler's notebook. Learned so much at Renee's lettering workshop last week and am trying to keep the practice up in between everything else.

Trying / to rest more & do less. Even though my mind keeps going, my body can't keep up these days, as is expected. 


 KAT -

Practicing / being patient. We have alot of ideas for our company but since we both have jobs + Xio is just a month away from having my niece, I start to get overwhelmed when things slow down. But I am learning that growing at a slower pace is okay too.   

Learning / to let go of what I can't control. 

Wearing / classic low top white converse. They are my everyday shoes when I am not in the office.

Working / out. Staying more active these last couple of months and I want to keep it up.

Enjoying / my morning rides to work. 

Trying / to organize my time wisely. I started a part-time mid last month and I am trying to get a good routine in place so I can get the most out of my time.

Wanting / to take more daily pictures with my Nikon SLR.

Dreaming / of the many trips I have already planned for next year. Mainly weddings + Coachella!



Xio Kat